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At Hampton Lakes we expect high standards of behaviour at all times. Children have the right to learn and staff have the right to enjoy their working day.

It is important that we recognise there is always a reason for poor behaviour and that everyone can improve.

We strive to create an environment that promotes positive behaviour and attitudes towards learning and as such there are many opportunities to reward our children:

  • Verbal Praise: Praise for good work, trying hard, achieving, being helpful and kind
  • Wow Awards: Public recognition of work out of school for example, sports, clubs, challenges
  • Head of School Awards: Achievement Assembly
  • House Points: Collective approach to achievement, celebrated by individuals initially followed by a collective
  • Lunchtime Awards
  • Stickers
  • Attendance Awards: Termly recognition of 100% attendance and improved attendance.


We have the motto “It’s Good to be Green” and all children will start the day on green, however sometimes things can go wrong, and whilst staff need to teach children about right and wrong children also need to take responsibility for their behaviour and we will teach the motto “up to you”; allowing for three chances.

If children’s behaviour is distracting learning they will be asked to stop, and moved onto yellow. They will be reminded that it is “up to you” but if the inappropriate behaviour continues and the child continues to disrupt learning they will be moved down to orange with the message that they are at risk of removal. If they continue to disrupt the learning they will be removed from class to another class where they will have reflection time and will be asked to produce a piece of work appropriate to their age and development, and will be informed that this will now result in a letter home. The class teacher will complete a standardised letter tailoring it to the specific incident that has occurred. Copies of all letters will be kept in the Pastoral Folder.


It’s Good to be Green Behaviour is distracting Behaviour continues to distract Behaviour has a negative impact on learning
Behaviour is your responsibility...
It’s up to you
Ask to stop Risk of removal Removal from class

If a child should get 3 Red Letters during the term then parents will be invited in to discuss a shared approach to managing the behaviour between home and school with the Head of School.

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