Summer Term

EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) - Reception

Theme: Out and About


Let’s go and explore the outside world,

There’s lots to see and and so much to do

We will sow, water and prune the plants

We will dig, weed and give new life a chance.


What mini beasts will lurk in the grass?

How many worms will wriggle past?

Come with us and discover

The wonderful things we will create and find at Hampton Lakes



This is the learning that we can look forward to this term


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This term we want to embed that sense of independent learning within the EYFS unit and for the children to value themselves as individuals. We will provide the children with many opportunities to talk about themselves and their feelings as they begin transitions for the next chapter in their schooling. The children will immerse themselves in the whole school community by taking part in wonderful assemblies. As the children develop and become more confident it will be great to hear about the wonderful things they do outside the classroom and we actively encourage the children to tell us about themselves and their interests.


Communication and Language

Communication and Language is developed through everything we do in EYFS. The children have become good listeners so this term we will focus further on the children’s understanding of what they have read or heard and encourage them to ask their own questions. With the key vocabulary which is created each week alongside our wonderful stories the children will be further encouraged to use new and previously learnt vocabulary from the stories they have been listening to. We will be encouraging the children to engage with non-fiction texts to support our topic this term of ‘Out and About’.


Physical Development

The children will as always be given a variety of opportunities to write and mark make within the EYFS unit. As the weather gets warmer the children will use spades for digging, paint brushes, chalk and spray bottles more often to develop those all-important fine motor skills. The children will embed their use of a range of large and small PE apparatus outside confidently and safely. This will include throwing, catching, kicking, sending and retrieving. Through playground games the children will also be developing their skills of balance, coordination and agility. We will be developing the children’s team spirit this term by partaking in group games such as rounders and thinking about how the children work together when we play games using the parachute.



In literacy this term we will continue to use a range of quality texts to engage the children and enhance the provision in which they learn. We will read books based around the theme of ‘Out and About’ these include Jack and the Beanstalk, Mad about mini beasts, Bumble Bear, Superworm! and The Very Busy Day.  In writing the children will continue to have the opportunity to complete a guided task with an adult which will be used as a tool to enable the children to develop further their own child-initiated writing which will be further encouraged this term with the revamp of the literacy areas. The children will also be given opportunities to develop their writing skills in the other exciting areas in the classrooms. It is expected that the children will be writing sentences supported and independently that can be read by themselves and others. In phonics lessons we will be recapping on the phase 3 phonemes and be developing the children’s confidence in applying these when reading and writing. The children will read regularly with an adult during 1:1, small group and whole class sessions to further develop and increase their word recognition and blending skills.



The children’s knowledge and understanding of time will be further developed as we continue to do the date each day. We will be working on deepening the children’s understanding of numbers to 10 and their ability to subitise to 5. We will be teaching the children the skills to enable them to automatically recall number bonds to 5 and 10. Through everyday counting using the number line the children will develop an understanding of counting verbally to 20 and beyond. The children will compare quantities of up to 10 recognising the number or set that is greater, less or the same. We will look again at patterns within numbers including odds, evens and doubles.  We will continue to learn about the names of different shapes and use these to create simple repeating patterns. We will revisit the key concepts such as weight, capacity, time and length to encourage the children to use comparative language within everyday experiences.


Understanding the World

This term our focus will be on the natural world as we really the develop the understanding of having ‘green fingers’! The children will be planting a variety of seeds and hopefully even some vegetables. Through this we hope this will give the children a deeper understanding of how we can nurture the place that is special to us. As the weather gets warmer, we will also be taking part in ‘bug’ hunts which I know many of the children will embrace. The children will be encouraged to observe, discuss and record what they can see in their immediate environment and how this may differ from where they live or places they have been. We will also be thinking about the changes within the natural world such as the differences between seasons.


Expressive Arts and Design

Through the development of the role play and small world areas the children will be able to make up their own stories and narratives as well as retell well known texts. The children will be able to make their own props to support with acting out stories as well as using their imagination to use things that are available to them in an interesting way. The children will be able to make their own 2d and 3d mini beasts as well as make their own individual creations explaining the processes they have used. The children will develop their skills in using different tools and techniques.


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