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Year 1

At Hampton Lakes we follow the National Curriculum,

Welcome to Mouse Class


Summer Term 2021 

Welcome to Mouse Class.



Welcome back to the Summer Term! In a similar fashion to the previous terms, you are receiving a curriculum statement, outlining the learning that your child/children will be doing in school during the summer term.


Our topic for the Summer Term is ‘Out and About’, and in Year 1 we will be focusing on animals. In this curriculum statement, we will highlight the activities and learning that your child will be doing, and how it links to the National Curriculum.


As the last term was such an unusual one, the curriculum has once again been designed to ensure all children access learning fully and our timetable will continue to become more structured as the children begin to prepare for Year 2.  We are in the privileged position of being able to make the most out of the use of our partner classroom, and this will allow the children to continue to have access to enhanced provision across both environments to support the learning that they will be doing throughout the week.




As previously outlined, stories continue to be at the heart of our learning and writing. This term, we will be continuing to explore different genres of writing, both fiction and non-fiction, including narratives, letters, fact files and poems. Alongside this, we will continue to focus on the fundamentals of writing, especially full stops, capital letters, finger spaces and letter formation. We will also be concentrating on making our writing more ‘exciting’ by using adjectives and time conjunctions. Throughout this term, we will be writing jungle poetry, fact files about wild animals and letters to different story characters.


In Phonics, we will continue to learn our new sounds in phonics groups. Mr Graham’s groups will be focusing on recapping and learning Phase 5 digraphs; applying them in reading and writing, as well as beginning to learn Phase 6 spelling rules. Miss Slack Humphrey’s groups will be focusing on Phase 3 digraphs; developing the skills of blending.  We will continue to use the Phonic Screening Check as a benchmark for phonics learning in school this term.




This term, we will be embedding the skills that we have learnt so far and developing our knowledge and understanding of bigger numbers, including numbers up to and above 100. We will be continuing to learn about place value and how we can represent numbers. We will also be developing our knowledge of 2s, 5s and 10s and using these to begin multiplication and division skills.


We will also be using our existing knowledge of shape, space and measure to focus on standard units of measurements of money, time, height, weight and capacity.




As part of our topic of ‘Out and About’, we will be learning about different animals. This will include classifying animals in different ways, such as herbivores/carnivores/omnivores, and exploring the different habitats and changes of animals. We will also be looking at maps of the United Kingdom, identifying the different countries and capital cities. This will lead us to looking at world maps and identifying the different oceans and continents before we develop maps of our own.  


As part of our art and design learning, we will be using clay to make different animals, as well as making our own music, exploring different rhythms, instruments and movements. We shall look forward to spending some time in our amazing food tech room to learn how to design and make a widening range of different foods...animal shaped biscuits will be on the menu for this term!


Personal Development and Wellbeing



The children’s personal development and wellbeing remains at the centre of everything we do at Hampton Lakes, and we continue to ensure that the children’s personal, social and emotional health is developed through our curriculum. Opportunities for children to discuss how something makes them feel will continue to be a highly valued and key area of focus for all our children.




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