Year 1

Autumn 1 2020 

Welcome to Mouse Class


Autumn 1 2020 

Welcome to Mouse Class 

Every term you will receive a curriculum statement outlining what your child will be learning about at school. 

Our topics this term is ‘Me, My Family and My School.’ 

This has been written to highlight the activities we are carrying out in school this half term in Year 1. Owing to the school closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are following the Early Years curriculum during the Autumn term.  


Personal Social and Emotional Development 


This half term, we will work on building relationships with the children in our class; making new friends; building confidence to try new things and exploring our new classroom. We will talk about the different feelings and emotions that we might feel, and how we can manage these feelings. We will read stories, such as The Bear and the Piano and the Selfish Crocodile, to understand different feelings and friendships. 


Communication and Language 


We will predominantly use good quality literature to develop our skills in communication and language during this half term, stories will include: The Bear and the Piano, The Selfish Crocodile, Peace at Last and Super Duper You. We will develop the skill of retelling stories, think about how characters might be feeling, and put ourselves in the shoes of characters. 

Next half term, we will be continuing to focus on ourselves and our family, as well as looking at the changing seasons and the celebration of Christmas. 

We will continue to develop the children’s language through activities such as role play both indoors and out, construction play and sand and water play. At Hampton Lakes Primary School, we think the use of stories is such a fantastic way to promote vocabulary. 


Literacy Development 


In phonics, we will recap our phase 2 and 3 sounds, in addition to learning more difficult CCVC and CVCC words in Phase 4. We will focus on applying these skills in our reading, and reading more confidently and fluently. We are also practising writing more complex words using these phonemes. 


Stories will be at the heart of our daily literacy lesson, and from these we will focus on a particular text type to develop our writing genres, for example writing a letter, postcard, or recipe.


We are continuing to develop our reading and writing skills through continuous provision in the classroom, including matching words and pictures, sorting real and alien words, and writing our own stories, and children will be encouraged to choose this area of learning through the provision of a stimulating writing area.


Mathematical Development 


As part of our maths work, we will focus on number and measure.

This term we shall continue to develop our number skills by ordering numbers to 20, comparing 2 groups of objects using the language of more and fewer and sharing quantities of objects fairly between two people. 


We shall also focus on measuring, particularly length and weight, concentrating on comparison language and beginning to measure using cubes and rulers.  We shall use vocabulary such as standard and non-standard units of measurement.


We will develop our knowledge of shape by exploring the properties of 3D shapes, developing our mathematical vocabulary to ensure the children are able to accurately describe the shapes they see in their environment.


Understanding the world 


This term there will be a big focus on “Our School” as we make the move from temporary accommodation to our brand new school.  We will share experiences of what it was like to not be in school last year as we lived through Lockdown, and talk about what it was like to live in Hampton at this time. We shall share tales of the summer holiday.


We will think about our families and friends and the ways in which we are similar to and different from our classmates. We will create happiness boxes to share the different parts of our lives and memories that make us happy.


We will consider different celebrations that are important to us, including Remembrance, Diwali and Christmas.


Expressive Arts and Design 


This term we will develop our critical thinking skills, through designing and making new buildings in the construction area. We will sing familiar songs and explore rhythm.

We will explore using different creative materials, such as sequins, paints and coloured paper, and will put our skills to good use in December when we follow instructions to create seasonal art work.



Physical Development 


In PE, we will explore different games with Miss Trigg; appreciating our own space and that of others, making up and following rules as well as refining our throwing and catching ball skill, ensuring good control of the equipment we use.

We have also been practising our letter formation and handwriting, making sure that we are forming our letters correctly, starting and ending letters in the right place.  


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