Spring Term

Year 1

Theme: Dinosaurs


Millions and millions of years ago, before there were people, roads, cars or houses, some amazing creatures ruled planet Earth. Some were huge, taller than the tallest tree, and some were so small they looked like little birds! Some had enormous pointy teeth the size of your arm and many had beautiful fluffy feathers. Some were super speedy and some lumbered along sloooooowly. Who were these fantastic creatures?

Meet… The Dinosaurs!


Welcome back to the Spring Term! Our topic this term is ‘Deadly Dinosaurs!’. In this curriculum statement, we will highlight the activities and learning that your child will be doing, and how it links to the National Curriculum.




Within Year 1, stories will continue to be at the centre of the children’s learning. We will be focusing on fictional stories including Harry and His Bucketful of Dinosaurs and The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet. Within the books, the children will be writing recounts of their experiences and alternative story endings. The children will also be encouraged to independently access fact books to research different dinosaurs. They will use the information to create their own fact files and posters about what they have learnt. Throughout all their writing, the children will be encouraged to include full stops, capital letters and add exciting adjectives!


In phonics, we will be begin to introduce the children to Phase 5, whilst regularly recapping the Phase 2 and Phase 3 sounds. The children will continue to have daily phonics sessions, where they will be encouraged to apply their learning.




This term we will build on the skills learnt in the previous term as we look at addition and subtraction using numbers within twenty. Children will explore addition and subtraction by counting forwards and backwards from any given number. The use of physical resources, pictorial representations and then continuing to solve equations mentally. Children will be taught to do this in a systematic way to allow them to consolidate their number bonds to twenty.


The children will begin to explore measure including length, height, weight and volume. They will be given the opportunity to bring their learning into the real world through the continuous provision available in both classrooms. We will look at different units of measurement, and where appropriate children may be asked to look at two different units.


Understanding the World


This term the children will be learning facts about a variety of different dinosaurs including triceratops, plesiosaurs, and pterodactyls. They will be finding out about dinosaur features and how they evolved to best support their habitat. We will be classifying animals and comparing the food chains of dinosaurs and humans. The children will be learning about the work of fossil hunter Mary Anning.



Expressive Arts and Design


The children will be learning a variety of artistic skills including sketching and shading. They will be encouraged to look closely at the shapes in front of them, when completing observational drawings. Children will have the opportunity to explore clay when making their own fossils.


Personal Development and Wellbeing


The children’s personal development and wellbeing continues to be of central importance. The children will be encouraged to improve their self-confidence and growth mindset by trying a variety of new activities, including some which they may find more challenging. The children will be taking part in regular circle time to talk about their feelings, understanding the school rules and how to adjust their behaviour to different situations.  




Within PE this term we will be developing gross motor and cognitive growth skills. The children will begin playing football but learning to control the ball and pass it between partners. Learning how to stop the ball using the correct part of their foot will allow them to learn hand eye coordination and timings. The children will be given time to evaluate their playing and given advice to constantly improve. Learning to play a team sport might be difficult for some of the children initially but this will also allow them to develop their communication skills. Children will learn the difference between powerful kicks and gentler kicks as they try and pass the ball between them.




Throughout this term we will begin introducing the children to IT both within lessons and through continuous provision. Children will have access to iPads to read eBooks using Oxford Owls or Rising Stars and will be encouraged to access this resource independently. They will be able to use the iPads within literacy to research dinosaur facts, which they will then either present in a class fact file or as a poster. We will be introducing augmented reality when a visitor comes to the classroom!  



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