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The Curriculum at Hampton Lakes


The Lakes Code underpins the intent of our curriculum, of which all our children are at the very heart. It is an ambitious statement that relies on the commitment and drive of all adults in our setting, working to support, challenge, motivate and inspire little people, who appreciate the necessity for an enabling environment as a means to stimulate young minds and have a secure understanding of child development. 


Live, Love and Learn,

Aim high and Achieve

Kind, caring and compassionate

Enjoy educational Experiences

Strive for Success


Children begin their journey with us in their Early Years, some in nursery, most in reception and it is here they start their Lakes Journey of Learning.

We have developed and implemented our own play based approach to learning; a hybrid model based upon the theory of Vygotsky, and the practices of Emilio Reggio and Montessori – children are encouraged to take the lead in their learning, making independent choices as to when and where they would like to play and learn, and are developed as learners through the skilled workings of the practitioners. Sustained Shared Thinking is pivotal to our Early Years work. This approach to learning continues into Year 1, and the formality of curriculum is to be found sensitively through an enabled environment, progression of language and a greater shift to enhanced provision, by year 2 most of our children demonstrate an academic maturity that reflects itself in the learning environment and an ability to follow a more formal, subject / topic based approach to learning. As children move through school, they are exposed to a thematic based curriculum that has been created by professionals based on the knowledge they have accrued of the children they teach, the National curriculum, in addition to their own professional interest. Professional ownership is key to the success of our curriculum as it is through this, that teachers will strive to create memorable experiences that the children will love and throw themselves into.

The curriculum will be evaluated by Senior Leaders to ensure the content has been appropriate, provided challenge, and that the children are ready for the next step of the Lakes Journey.

As children progress through their Lakes Journey of Learning, they will develop a love of learning, that will be evidenced through children developing a curiosity to find out about the world in which they live, they will become actively involved in learning, demonstrating a desire to learn more and embed the skills they have acquired, so that they become critical thinkers, who strive to solve problems and are not afraid to take risks, to prepare them fully for each step of their Learning Journey.

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