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Home learning

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Dear Parent / Carers, 


Please find some sugggested activites for your children to complete at home on 01 February 2023, day of Industrial Action. 


Home Learning Ideas 01 February 2023


Kind regards,


The Hampton Lakes Team



Dear Parents/Carers,


As you will be aware, Hampton Lakes Primary School will be offering on-site provision to a limited number of pupils during the latest lockdown, including the children of key workers and other identified groups.


As practitioners and professionals, children’s wellbeing, enjoyment and education is always at the forefront of our minds. With this in mind, the Hampton Lakes team have devised an exciting and enriching home learning experience for those children unable to attend school during this time.


Each week, the team will send all children a wide-ranging and purposeful ‘menu’ of activities, related to a key text or story, covering all areas of the curriculum. This will be supported by daily videos on our online learning platform, ReallySchool. Through doing this, we are ensuring that children have the opportunity to see the learning modelled and explained by a teacher, as well as supporting parents in embedding the strategies that children are familiar with. These learning experiences will be linked directly to the learning that children attending on-site provision will be taking part in. The home learning package will begin from Wednesday 6th January.                  


During this time, your children will be working with and be supported by all of our teaching staff. This is an exciting opportunity for your children to become familiar with the entire Hampton Lakes team, and for us to see the amazing breadth of learning across the school.


Throughout the week, you and your child will be able to select a range of daily activities from the ‘menu’, and then upload your learning experiences to ReallySchool. The Hampton Lakes Team will respond to your child’s learning through the ReallySchool platform. The team will respond during school hours of 9:00am to 4:00pm. If work is uploaded after this time, a member of the team will respond the following day.


Alongside the home learning activities provided, it is important that your child has opportunities to play, as this is an integral part of a young child’s education.


Each week, a member of the Hampton Lakes team will be in contact with you and your family, to check in, speak your child and answer any questions you may have.


Kind regards,


The Hampton Lakes Team


Useful home learning resources:



















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