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Online Safety

Online Safety

Hampton Lakes Online Safety Lead is: 

Mrs Sarah Mastin 

The internet and online world is an amazing tool at children’s fingertips that allows them to explore, communicate, create, play and learn. However, just as we would teach them to swim before letting them dive into a swimming pool, we must also teach them how to keep themselves safe in the ever-changing online world. As parents, carers and teachers, we play a pivotal role in this, and although we, as adults, cannot always be with children as they navigate this online world, we can provide them with the skills, knowledge and understanding to empower to keep themselves safe.  

Each week, through our online Social Media platforms we will share tips and advice for keeping children safe on the newest and most popular Apps, games and online platforms.  

Please find links below to a selection of resources which may support you in teaching you and your child how to stay safe online.  

  • The National College provide guides for lots of online platforms including how to activate parent controls and the expected age range the platforms are aimed at.  

          Online Safety Guides & Resources for Parents ( 

  • CEOP provides articles for parents to support with children accessing the online world as well as  several child friendly games with the aim of teaching children online safety skills. 

         Gaming: what parents and carers need to know ( 

         4-5s Homepage | CEOP Education ( 

         8-10s | CEOP Education ( 

  • Childnet offers lots of resources, advice and tips for parents who are supporting their children in the online world.  

          Looking for Kidsmart? | Childnet 

Here are some Childnet guides in alternative languages:







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