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Proud Feedback

25th June, 2020

Proud Feedback

We are very proud of our school community; the children are such delightful, inquisitive little people who have settled into school life, albeit in the most of bizarre situations, with the most enviable of ease. Our parents have been exceptionally supportive, joining us in high spirits as we work together for the greater good of the children, and we have a very small team of adults who really do want the very best for our school. One of our parents has written a note to school that she is happy for us to share with you to describe her experiences:


“Hampton Lakes Primary School has fantastically well-established routines and exceptionally high expectations of all of its children at all times. It is hard to believe this school is not even a year old as the routines are so well embedded.


The school has a really positive feel and when I have been invited to visit during the school day to share my children’s experiences I have felt such enthusiasm and excitement from the children. You can instantly see as you walk in that the children all absolutely love going to school; they are happy and progressing really well. I love that the children do not realise they are learning most of the time.


My children always feel safe at school and the staff at Hampton Lakes are nothing less than exceptional. Every member of staff knows my children by name and they genuinely care about all of the children and their families. My children come home from school literally buzzing with excitement wanting to share their learning experiences with me.


The communication from Hampton Lakes has been excellent. I’ve always feel very well informed about my children’s learning journey and have subsequently been able to support my children at home. It has been lovely to be involved in events at the school and share my children’s successes.


It has been an exceptionally turbulent first year due to the current situation but I could not have asked for any more from the school.


Miss Trigg is the heart of this school. She is passionate, determined and truly cares. I know Hampton Lakes will go on to achieve great things under her leadership”.