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Some more amazing feedback from a parent at our school

8th July, 2020

Some more amazing feedback from a parent at our school

"We highly recommend Hampton Lakes Primary school. Our child loves going to school, he feels happy and safe. We also know that he's safe at school and this is very important for us. 

Our child had a speech problem before joining the reception class at Hampton Lakes Primary School and, he is bilingual. After the school opened, his English improved very quickly, and the problem of speaking disappeared.

Our child was a very shy and quiet kid during the pre-school period, and his self-confidence improved when he started school. He can communicate with school staff easily. The school has made a great contribution to his learning, and we are very surprised by the positive changes in our child. 

School management meets our expectations, parents are also involved in the education process which is very important. You can share your worries with school administrators, and they listen to you and support your child’s development.”