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Thank you so much for all the great feedback, we will try and share as much as we can.

8th July, 2020

Thank you so much for all the great feedback, we will try and share as much as we can.

“I cannot recommend Hampton Lakes Primary School enough, all the staff are incredibly friendly and are passionate about teaching the children.

They work tirelessly to provide fun and engaging activities, where the children simply do not even realise they are learning, but are having lots of fun with their friends. 
Hampton Lakes Primary School really is an extended family, you can tell the moment you walk through the door how much all the staff care and look after the children.

My daughter absolutely loves going to school, whilst she found it difficult to settle being away from home at the beginning, both Ms Trigg and Miss Prodrick worked hard with us, using their wealth of experience and knowledge to adopt different strategies to help her make the adjustment and now she cannot wait to get to school. 

As parents we are always kept well informed through various methods of communication and we always know what our daughter is doing/has done at school. I particularly like that we are allowed to be be involved in their learning whilst they are at school and are regularly invited to go into the classroom to participate in different planned, well organised learning activities with our children. 

I honestly cannot thank all the staff at Hampton Lakes Primary School enough. I am so pleased that we chose to send our daughter to Hampton Lakes Primary School and would not hesitate to recommend the school to anyone.”