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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2022-25 Reviewed December 2023 - Click here

Pupil Premium 

As a new school we are in the privileged position of developing a team that fully commits to the ethos and culture of both the school and the Hampton Academies Trust. We encourage and promote high aspirations for all our children and have a strong belief that each and every child deserves a happy and fulfilling school life where they will be challenged to fulfil their potential.

Staff believe in ALL children
There are “no excuses” made for under performance
Staff adopt a determined and informed approach to overcoming barriers
Staff support children to develop positive mind-sets towards learning and enthusiasm towards challenge

Analysing Data

We will ensure that:

All teaching staff and relevant support staff are involved in the analysis of data so that they are fully aware of strengths and weaknesses

Identification of Pupils

We will ensure that:

All teaching staff and appropriate support staff are involved in the analysis of data, identification of pupils and implemented interventions.

All  pupil  premium  children  benefit  from  the  funding,  not  just  those  who  are under performing.

We identify appropriate support and interventions based upon our professional judgement and knowledge of the pupils and not just on research or recommendations.

Children’s individual needs are considered carefully so that we provide support for those children who could be doing “even better if…..” This is a continuous process to ensure fluidity in both support and challenge.

Improving Day to Day Teaching

We will continue to ensure that all children across the school receive good teaching, with increasing percentages of outstanding teaching achieved by using our Senior Leadership Team to:

  • Set and promote high expectations from day one
  • Address any within-school variance
  • Ensure consistent implementation of our expectations, e.g.  feedback, phonics and handwriting
  • Share good practice within the school and draw on external expertise
  • Report back to all SLT and teachers on strengths and areas for development relating to the quality of teaching during Pupil Progress Meetings.
  • Provide and encourage high quality CPD
  • Improve assessment through joint moderation exercises as part of KS Teams and with our sister school Hampton College Primary

Individualising support

We celebrate the diversity of all in our school and as such we ensure that there is no stigma attached to being in an intervention at our school. We believe that every pupil, at some point in their schooling, needs something, whatever that might be.

We will ensure that the additional support we provide is effective by:

  • Completing a One Page Pupil Profile that identifies the individual needs of each child and identifying their barriers to learning
  • Ensuring additional support staff and class teachers communicate regularly to support the next steps for the child/ren
  • Using teachers and TAs to provide high quality intervention
  • Matching the skills of the support staff to the interventions they provide​​​​


                    - Working with other agencies to bring in additional expertise

                    - Trust Engagement and Pastoral Coordinator

                    - School nursing Team

                    - Early Help assessment which can lead to multi-agency support work which 

                      can signpost to many further agencies

                    - Speech and Language Therapist

                    - Educational Psychologist


Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2022-23 - Click here

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